MAGURA MT5 Pro 4-Piston Brake Set Left and right

MAGURA MT5 Pro 4-Piston Brake Set Left and right

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Magura MT5 Disc Brake Set


Features - Magura MT5 PRO Special Edition | 1-finger HC brake lever | STORM HC 203mm / 180mm

  • Radial Design - The radial encoder design reduces friction and allows small/large gear ratios. This reduces transmission losses - the brake becomes more sensitive and controllable.
  • The 4-piston brake caliper, forged in one piece, has an exceptionally high level of rigidity.
  • Ergonomic performance - The 1-finger HC lever offers comfortable ergonomics and a hard pressure point for a wide variety of hands
  • Particularly carefree - Due to an increased piston retraction, the MT5 is carefree in continuous use and quickly mounted without grinding compared to the MT7.
  • MT5 PRO special edition with 1-finger HC brake levers and STORM HC 6-hole brake discs 203 mm / 180 mm (2 mm brake disc thickness)
  • Compared to individual purchases, customers save 15% with the set!

product properties

  • Area of ​​use: Gravity, Downhill, Enduro, Trail, All Mountain, eMTB, eMobility, Dirt Jump
  • Principle: Fully hydraulic four-piston fixed caliper
  • Braking system: open, with reservoir
  • Brake Caliper Mount: Postmount
  • Lining adjustment: Automatic
  • Postmount caliper mount (PM): Yes, direct mount
  • Brake medium: MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Brake line: MAGURA Disc Tube can be shortened easily
  • Brake line connection pliers: RHR - Rotateable house routing (rotatable line connection)
  • Pads: Organic 9.1 Performance (4 pistons two pads) 8.1 Performance (4 pistons four pads)
  • Reach adjust: Yes (with Allen key SW3)
  • OPD (one-piece caliper): Yes
  • BAT (individual pressure point adjustment): No
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
  • Two-piece brake lever clamp: Yes
  • Flip-flop brake handle: Yes
  • magnetiXchange: Yes
  • Feel-Safe Ergonomics: Yes
  • Cable lengths: 2200mm each (can be shortened)


  • Brake lever and caliper: Carbotecture® (brake master), forged aluminum (caliper)
  • Brake Levers: Hollow Aluminum
  • Fixing screws: steel


  • black, neon yellow


  • approx. per brake
  • approx. 173g brake disc 203mm
  • Approx. 140g brake disc 180mm

scope of delivery

  • 1 x MT5 PRO Carbotecture® disc brake set
  • 1 x Storm HC 203mm brake disc incl. 6 T25 screws
  • 1 x Storm HC 180mm brake disc incl. 6 T25 screws
  • 2 x brake lines, each 2200mm long
  • 2 x brake pads
  • 4 * Fixing Screw
  • 2 x insert pins
  • 2 x Olive
  • 2 x transport lock
  • The brakes are ready for assembly, filled and bled!

We also stock brake adaptors and Magura bleed kits as well.