Fatty Stripper 150mm Wide Latex RimStrips Set of 2

Fatty Stripper 150mm Wide Latex RimStrips Set of 2

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2 FattyStripper RimStrips for 26" rims up to 105mm wide, 27" rims up to 90mm wide, and 29" rims up to 75mm wide. Weight depends upon the width needed. Each unmounted, untrimmed rimstrip weighs ~49g. After mounting and trimming on a 90mm wide rim, the rim strip weighed ~38g.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ron Huizenga
Great Product and Service

Fatty strippers art fantastic. The best way to set up tubeless tires.

Philemon Jean
Great thanks

Great product

mario roy
Fatty is the best

Work well but can be fragile. Will order another set for my other set of wheels

Fatty strippers

They work well for tubeless applications, so far so good. Two new tires set up with sealant and the rim strips.
The two that were previously installed years ago were holding pressure and in great riding shape.
Have them installed and forget they are there, they work that well. Inflate and go!

Easiest way to convert to tubeless

Last year I messed around with a set of fat rims for probably two weeks on and off trying to get them to seal. Finally ordered a set of these, but didnt install until this year, and man. Just instantly seal up, weigh next to nothing and reduces a ton of frustration. Just ordered more sets for my mtb and same thing. INstant, easy sealing. Worth the investment 10 times over.