EBC Brake Disc Brake Pads CFA633 (Guide, Guide T,  G2R, G2RS G2RSC

EBC Brake Disc Brake Pads CFA633 (Guide, Guide T, G2R, G2RS G2RSC

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Disc brakes on bicycles are now almost a must for better braking and compared to the old rim brakes made of rubber, disc brakes are a quantum leap forward.
They are quieter than rim brakes, stop faster, and handle heat MANY TIMES better than rubber rim brakes which will literally burn up on a downhill race.
EBC makes three compounds for bicycle disc brake systems and also a variety of high-quality heat-treated stainless steel brake rotor oversize kits for bicycles.
You can buy EBC bicycle brakes from numerous dealers but we also have good online sellers, see the where to buy section of our website for suppliers

EBC Brake Disc Brake Pads
Green Compound Pads
For cross-country riding this is your best choice and is a British-made organic pad compound that will not damage your discs. The pads have a medium lifetime and most types are supplied with slightly beefed-up retraction springs to prevent pad drag. For downhill racing or longer life in wet and mud see either the RED or GOLD grades.
  • Designed for X-country riding
  • Softer pad compound for better stopping
  • Can be used on non-hardened or hardened discs
  • This is a RESIN pad
Red Compound Pads
For downhill use, the RED grade has a higher heat threshold but has the added benefit of not overheating the brakes with excessive heat transfer which would cause softening of your brake lines. Lifetime must be evaluated, these pads are designed for a few descents only, check wear after every ride to avoid running out of brakes. Supplied with heavy-duty retraction springs in spring-based systems.
  • High friction pad for downhill riding
  • Handles more heat under heavy braking
  • Minimum heat transfer to hydraulics
  • Can be used on non-hardened or hardened discs
  • This is a RESIN pad
Gold Compound Pads
EBC Brake Disc Pads - Sintered (Gold)
EBC replacement disc pads in the green compound. Models available to fit most current brakes.
It is commonly accepted that sintered pads last several times longer than organic pads. These comments still ring true in the MTB Brake pad market.
Sintered pads offer higher friction rates than anything out there. EBC sintered gold grade MTB pads will last longer and brake stronger than anything you can buy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Yip
Great service as always

You can always count on Jay to do top notch work, at a reasonable price, with a quick turnaround. Highly recommend!

Bill Knight
Solid brake pads

The gold compound is a great brake pad, slightly softer than oem brake pads so they run quieter and don’t glaze the rotors as easily. The drawback is they don’t quite last as long. However they still last long enough. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks

Shawn Mccann
Amazing brakes

EBC brake pads are amazing value for your money, they deliver great power and feel. And as one of my riding buddies commented the make sram guide brakes feel like shimano xt brakes for breaking power and modulation