Shipping Policy



  1. Shipped items with a value over $100 Canadian:

    • These items will not be replaced or refunded if Route shipping coverage has been declined by the buyer.
  2. Responsibility for packages after they enter the courier's system:

    • Ottalaus Inc cannot be held responsible for the packages once they have been left at the depot and have entered the courier's system.
  3. Non-trackable items or $6 shipping:

    • These items will be sent via Canada Post general mail.
    • They can take up to 10 working days in Canada and 14 working days in the USA for delivery.
    • There will be no tracking number supplied for these items.
    • A shipping date confirmation will be sent when the item is delivered to the depot.
    • Ottalaus Inc will not reship these products to customers due to variations in shipping times.
  4. Route Insurance:

    • Route Insurance simplifies the claims process and covers packages based on their total value.
    • If the buyer declines this additional coverage, Ottalaus Inc cannot be held liable for lost or damaged packages.

It's important for buyers to carefully consider these policies when making a purchase from Ottalaus Inc, especially regarding the value of their items and whether they want to opt for additional shipping coverage through Route.